Can Bars and Restaurants Use Contactless Tech to Safely Reopen

published 26.06.2020 23:20

by Adam Rowe from
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But on the other hand, the data collected from customers at restaurants is only as likely to be a privacy overreach as data collected from any other app.

Restaurants can be hacked just like any other institution, and the in-person data collected from contactless tech apps adds up to a greater potential exposure.

Many restaurants are taking a range of precautions: Delivering sanitary utensils with the food rather than setting them out ahead of time, reducing capacity to 50% to allow for better social distancing, and in some cases building new outdoor patios to keep customers out of enclosed spaces.

For restaurants, bars, and any other business with a bottom line that relies on someone removing their face mask in a public space, reopening poses one big question: Can their customers stay safe?

JPMorgan combed through the data of 30 million Chase cardholders and paired it with Johns Hopkins University’s case tracker data to uncover a connection: Higher restaurant spending in a given state correlated with a rise in COVID-19 infections three weeks afterwards.