Cryptographically Securing Democratic Elections with Block Chain Technology - DZone Security

published 27.06.2020 02:00

I assume few here are willing to argue against that, simply since the system allows for anyone to suggest a case, and having the people vote over the case.

The above simple algorithm easily lends itself to cryptographic audits, having the United Nations, or some other independent 3rd party organisation perform an audit of individual cases.

The same way that blockchain and BitCoin prevents a user to simply "insert a fake transaction", the above ridiculously simple algorithm makes it impossible for a user to "insert a fake vote" (or edit, change, and delete an existing vote for that matter).

This results in that individual votes becomes impossible to change, edit, or delete - Without the chain as a whole invalidating.

Plain Text xxxxxxxxxx 1 1 openQueueSempahore 2 if (firstVote) 3 oldHash = hash(subject + body) 4 else 5 oldHash = previousVoteHash 6 newHash = hash(oldHash + username + voteValue) 7 insertVote(username, voteValue, newHash) 8 The whole idea with the above pseudo code, is that it results in a "chain of votes", where each individual vote, is based upon its previous vote's hash value.

by Thomas Hansen from

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