More 'proof' that Microsoft has a 'Lockhart' console ready to ship with Xbox Series X

published 26.06.2020 17:16

by Cal Jeffrey from

However, later that year, multiple anonymous game developers confirmed that there is indeed a second console (LockHart) slated to release with the Xbox Series X (Anaconda).

As you may recall, back in late 2018, rumors circulated that Microsoft had two versions of the next Xbox in development under the Project Scarlett umbrella—a premium one codenamed Anaconda and a cheaper version called Lockhart.

Self-described "infosec engineer" TitleOS posted screenshots (below) of alleged Microsoft documentation that reference a second console different from the Xbox Series X.

Rumor mill: We still don't know how much Sony and Microsoft's next-gen consoles are going to cost, but we do know that Sony will have a second, more affordable PS5.

Microsoft has not announced a second unit, so don't bet the farm on two Xbox consoles being launched later this year.