Ubisoft suspends several employees following misconduct allegations

published 27.06.2020 00:09

by Anthony J Nash from feeds.windowscentral.com

Following multiple allegations made over the last week of sexual misconduct by its employees, Ubisoft has placed two executives and several other employees on administrative leave.

Following Ubisoft's statement on Thursday that said the company would be launching investigations into the allegations, a report from Bloomberg's Jason Schreier says the company has placed those involved on leave while it conducts the investigations.

Both men were the subject of a handful of claims of misconduct throughout the past week, although Bloomberg reports that Ubisoft would not comment on the issues as they are currently under investigation.

The report comes just a day after Ubisoft responded to various claims of sexual misconduct amongst its employees, saying that it would be conducting investigations with the help of "specialized external consultants."

Throughout the week, multiple sexual assault and harassment accusations were made against Ubisoft employees, including Andrien "EscoBlades" Gbinigie, who was a brand marketing manager at the company and the founder of the Black Game Pros Mixer, and Stone Chin, who worked in public relations.