Steam Summer Sale 2020 Is On With Deals On Destiny 2, Half Life Alyx, Borderlands 3 And More

published 26.06.2020 12:26

by Paul Lilly from

Summer is here (the season officially kicked off on June 20), and with it comes Steam's annual Summer Sale with discounts on a whole bunch of games, including Borderlands 3 and Destiny 2 .

As an added incentive, Steam has opened up a new Points Shop where you can spend points that you earn from buying games.

The Points Shop features dozens of Summer Sale souvenir options for you to collect, including new animated stickers and chat effects, profile backgrounds, mini-profile backgrounds, avatars, avatar frames, and more!

Plus, discover hundreds of profile backgrounds and emoticons associated with your favorite games, now available in exchange for Steam Points," Steam explains.

To get things started, Steam is giving away free animated stickers at various road trip destinations over the next two weeks.