NVIDIA's new GeForce Game Ready driver is DirectX 12 Ultimate-compatible

published 24.06.2020 22:00

This new Game Ready driver is available to download through the GeForce Experience app from now.

This GeForce Game Ready 451.48 WHQL driver may allow games that use DirectX 12 Ultimate to exhibit the benefits of new technologies such as sampler feedback, variable-rate shading, mesh shading and, of course, ray tracing.

The new driver also supports 9 more G-SYNC-enabled monitors from AOC, Dell, LG and other OEMs.

The latest Windows 10 Game Ready driver for NVIDIA GeForce cards unlock DirectX 12 Ultimate features on RTX GPUs.

Users who encounter bugs or issues following its installation are invited to alert NVIDIA to them via its Driver Feedback Forum on geforce.com.