Tiny pendulum may reveal gravity’s secrets

published 26.06.2020 19:48

by Chris Lee from arstechnica.com
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It may be that the only the event horizon of a black hole provides a natural experiment where you might observe quantum mechanics working alongside gravity.

We may finally get to find out thanks to a new experimental device that may make it possible for both gravity and quantum mechanics to play lead roles.

Physicists think that it must be possible to unite gravity and quantum mechanics: a common theory from which floweth the sweet sap of quantum mechanics and the slightly mind-bending nectar of general relativity.

The problem is that theories are built on data, and we have very little data about how quantum mechanics is modified by gravity (or vice versa).

To make a nearly perfect pendulum, the researchers welded a small silicon disc (3mm in diameter) to a fine glass fiber, which was then welded to a large glass block.