Ninjala's Cute Shinobi (Literally) Kick Ass And Chew Bubble Gum

published 25.06.2020 19:30

In my first match of Ninjala, Gung-Ho Online Entertainment’s free-to-play brawler for the Switch, my baby Hatsune Miku-looking character smacked around my kid-sized competition with a giant bat made of bubble gum, beat up random robots, was transformed into a pile of poop, and then exploded.

The core game is limited to online matches in which eight tiny ninja, alone or in two teams of four, use gum-themed special abilities and wacky weapons to beat each other into submission.

It’s strictly online multiplayer unless you opt to purchase story content, the first batch of which is currently on sale for $4.50 (normally $10).

Though there’s plenty of weapon variety there are currently only two competition maps and two game modes, team battle and free-for-all.

I’ll probably stick around Ninjala long enough to get a firm grasp of each of the game’s weapons, to the point where I am as comfortable fighting with a sushi hammer as I am a fire lance or a bagel yo-yo.