Iranian Kurdish Dissident's Family Gets Death Certificate but No Closure

added 27.06.2020 05:09

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In his latest message to VOA, Farhad Abdollahpour said the death certificate’s description of “hard or sharp objects” hitting his brother’s body has led the family to conclude that Hedayat was executed by firing squad.

Prior to obtaining the death certificate, Farhad Abdollahpour, who is based in Iraqi Kurdistan, had told VOA last week that his father received a June 10 phone call from an official who asserted that Hedayat was executed on or around May 21 in Oshnavieh.

Farhad Abdollahpour told VOA Persian that he obtained the death certificate for his brother Hedayat Wednesday and shared an image of it.

WASHINGTON - The family of an Iranian Kurdish political prisoner says it has obtained his death certificate after his apparent secret execution by Iran last month, but remains unable to locate his grave due to the government’s refusal to disclose what it did with the remains.

Hossein Ahmadiniaz, an Iranian lawyer who represented Hedayat Abdollahpour and who has lived in exile in the Netherlands since 2018, told VOA Persian that he agrees with the family’s assessment of how the dissident was killed.