SRE: A Human Approach to Systems

published 26.06.2020 02:00

by Hannah Culver from

Measure everything: SRE specifically focuses on measuring toil and reliability to make sure that both customers and software teams are happy with the service.

According to Google’s Coursera course on SRE, “class SRE implements DevOps,” the 5 DevOps principles are as follows: Reduce organizational silos: SRE helps by sharing ownership across developers and production teams and unifying tooling.

In recent years, SRE has become more widely adopted by many organizations globally, with the goal of reliability and resilience in mind in light of exponentially growing customer expectations as well as systems complexity.

SRE is a practice first coined by Google in 2003 that seeks to create systems and services that are reliable enough to satisfy customer expectations.

In this situation, the SRE approach would encourage improved visibility into engineering hours, on-call periods, and repeat incidents.