Rocky Mountain Institute Launches New Climate Tech Accelerator

published 26.06.2020 01:54

by Rocky Mountain from

Faced with the rising urgency of the climate crisis, Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) and New Energy Nexus are proud to announce the launch of a new joint venture called Third Derivative (or D3, for short) — built to accelerate the rate of climate innovation.

Reflecting the systemic nature of climate change, D3 takes a systems approach to building the comprehensive ecosystem needed for climate technology innovation to succeed, connecting four essential elements: an accelerator, funding, global corporate partners, and unique market and policy expertise.

D3’s investor partners help select startups for participation in the program, which comes with an optional $100,000 seed investment, and then work closely with them to define milestones and targets to unlock follow-on funding.

When a startup is still too early-stage to close a commercial deal with a large corporate, D3’s investor partners — emboldened by that corporate’s interest — step in to fund the startup’s acceleration along the maturity curve.

D3’s corporate partners span the globe and represent sectors as diverse as technology, communications, finance, and energy.