Weekend Roundup: Apple's New iOS, Facebook Whacks VR Headset

published 26.06.2020 13:33

by Nick Kolakowski from insights.dice.com

In addition to iOS home screen widgets, Apple is rolling out an App Library (which lists all one’s apps) and App Clips (a stripped-down version of an app that you can use without having to actually download it from the App Store).

It’s also going to change how developers approach the platform, because now, in addition to thinking about their “core” apps, they’ll also need to consider how a widget may operate on the home screen.

For the past 13 iOS iterations, Apple kept the home screen as a locked-down grid of app icons and folders.

Before we all shut down for the weekend, let’s look at just a few of the big stories of the week, including some of Apple’s more colorful tweaks to iOS, Facebook’s big virtual-reality decision, and Amazon’s new crime-fighting unit.

Facebook is also changing how VR developers can distribute apps via the Oculus platform, although the details are unclear at this time.