You Probably Can't Run Windows on the New ARM-Based Macs

published 25.06.2020 17:03

by Ryan Whitwam from
Image of article 'You Probably Can't Run Windows on the New ARM-Based Macs'

Sadly, the uncertainty surrounding virtualization apps like VMWare and Parallels is yet another obstacle to bringing Windows 10 to the new Macs.

Instead, Apple’s Craig Federighi says the new ARM Macs will rely on virtualization to run other operating systems.

It certainly seems like Apple could build a version of Boot Camp that works on ARM, but it has chosen not to do that.

Boot Camp has allowed x86 Mac owners to load a non-Apple operating system and run it without any virtualization overhead, but that won’t be an option once the company makes its next architecture change.

Apple has a translation platform for ARM Macs called Rosetta 2, but it will not work with virtualization software.