From AppGallery Updates to Petal Search, Huawei Has New Ways To Get Your Favourite Apps

published 25.06.2020 16:57

You see, the GMS ban might have stopped Huawei phones from using Google apps, but you can still access their services through the Internet browser.

Certain apps that require a Google API like Singpass and TraceTogether won’t be obtainable through this method, but considering that we were once again able to get 90% of our apps we’re still going to call it a win for Huawei.

The easiest way to get non-AppGallery apps is with Huawei’s own Phone Clone app.

Ever since Huawei lost access to Google Mobile Services (GMS) last year, every new phone launch of theirs has come with the question “Will I still be able to use all my favourite apps?”

The important thing is that you can get a majority of your most-used apps right now, so if you’re a fan of Huawei’s phones you really shouldn’t let the lack of GMS stop you from getting one.