Mirillis Action! 4.10

published 25.06.2020 20:32

by Razvan Serea from neowin.net

Record smooth high framerate HD videos of your desktop and applications activity, add microphone audio commentary and create great tutorials with ease.

outstanding performance and GPU utilization allows the smoothest real-time HD gameplay video recording ever!

Now you can cut out the background, while recording with your webcam, from your video recording.

screen recorder allows streaming and real-time recording of Windows desktop in a superb HD video quality.

screen recorder supports a wide variety of high resolutions video recording, starting from 2K, 3K, 4K screen recording for single displays (supported for both AVI and MP4 file formats) up to more than 8K (supported for AVI file format) for AMD Eyefinity or NVIDIA 3D Vision setups.