Exposure to Sean Hannity may be lethal, studies on COVID-19 suggest

published 25.06.2020 13:05

What: A round of recent studies that suggests infection and mortality rates for COVID-19 are higher in areas where Fox News star Sean Hannity reaches the most viewers.

As the Washington Post reports, one of the worst offenders in influencing Americans’ opinions and behavior around the virus is Fox News personality Sean Hannity.

One study, however, by economists at the University of Chicago and other institutions, focuses on Sean Hannity specifically, showing how the difference between his coverage of the virus and Tucker Carlson’s likely played a part in higher infection and mortality rates in areas where his show reaches the most viewers.

This study finds that not only are Fox News viewers less likely to comply with public health guidelines than those who rely on other news sources, but it singles out Hannity viewers as being demonstrably skeptical at a critical point.

Through surveys, the study determined Hannity fans were more likely to have changed behaviors like handwashing and travel plans four days later than viewers of other Fox News programs.