Another Day, Another Bad Bill To Reform Section 230 That Will Do More Harm Than Good

added 26.06.2020 15:41

During a livestream discussion put on by Yale where this bill was first discussed, Dave Willner (who was the original content policy person at Facebook) said that this requirement for a live call center to answer complaints was (a) not possible and (b) it would be better to just hand out cash to people to burn for heating, because that's how nonsensical this plan is.

Again, I do think Schatz's intentions here are good -- they're just not based in the real world of anyone who's ever done any content moderation ever.

It has multiple parts, but let's start with the dumbest part first: if you're an internet service provider you not only need to publish an "acceptable use policy," you have to set up a call center with live human beings to respond to anyone who is upset about user moderation choices.

I will say that unlike most other bills we've seen attacking Section 230, I think that Schatz actually does mean well with this bill (entitled the "Platform Accountability and Consumer Transparency Act" or the "PACT Act" and co-authored with Senator John Thune).

Again, I understand the thinking behind this bill, but contrary to Schatz's promise of having his "good" staffers talk to lots of people who understand this stuff, this reads like someone who just came across the challenges of content moderation and has no understanding of the tradeoffs involved.