The Twilight Zone' Season 2 brings better twists and a deep cut throwback

published 25.06.2020 21:13

by Alexis Nedd from

The first season of Peele's The Twilight Zone started strong and fell apart as later episodes suffered from too-long runtimes and trite twists.

Final of the three episodes provided for review is Episode 10, "You Might Also Like," a story that draws on the history of the original Twilight Zone to update an old threat and present a new one of humanity's own design.

As with Season 1, The Twilight Zone starts strong with an episode dedicated to exploring a man's obsession with something he does not have.

CBS All Access' The Twilight Zone again allowed reviewers a glance at three episodes for its second season.

If the rest of Season 2 is as bold and original as its first three episodes, it's well on its path to eclipsing that uneven first season and potentially becoming a must-watch series of television.