GE 2020: A 'Rainbow Scorecard' Of S'pore Politicians That Are For Or Against LGBTQ Equality

published 26.06.2020 08:08

Singapore’s LGBTQ community is tolerated but lacking in civil rights, as local legislation discriminates against LGBTQ people.

According to Mr. Lee, legislation like 377A “has not inhibited people from living”, or Pink Dot from gathering every year.

On his personal views towards the LGBTQ community, Mr Singh stated that “Section 377A has no effect on my affection and esteem for my LGBT friends.”

In the spirit of GE 2020, here’s a breakdown of the all the political party leaders’ latest public views on LGBTQ rights and legislation.

Not a single one of the political leaders listed in this article support the repeal of 377A despite their “tolerance” of the LGBTQ community — except for Mr. Jeyeratnam of the Reform Party.