Best gaming monitor: the top monitors for gaming in 2020

published 25.06.2020 19:23

by Jacob Fox from

From the latest anti-ghosting feature and overclocked 165Hz refresh rate, to variable refresh rate technology and a stunning IPS panel, the Asus VG27AQ is the best monitor for gaming and will see you through a GPU generation or two.

It may be horrifically expensive for a 27-inch 1440p monitor, but the Asus Republic of Gamers PG279Q comes rocking absolutely the best gaming panel ever made: the AU Optronics Advanced Hyper Viewing Angle (AHVA) display.

What we like… Vibrant colour and solid black levels 165Hz refresh rate Nvidia G-Sync The best FreeSync monitor is the Asus ROG Strix XG32VQR.

For our money, the Asus PG279Q is still just about the best gaming monitor out there, though there are some fantastic options that use the exact same panel.

We’d hoped the 4K G-Sync HDR Asus PG27UQ would be the ultimate gaming monitor, but we’ve tested much cheaper 4K HDR panels that perform far better in HDR gaming.