Three cops fired after accidental dashcam activation captures racist rants

published 25.06.2020 23:01

by Kate Cox from
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"Police departments large and small are rolling out expensive body-camera programs without consistent answers to the questions or, according to policy experts, convincing evidence that the cameras ensure the level of accountability that the public demands," The New York Times reported back in 2017, and those questions do not yet seem to have answers.

In New York state, for example, the state Assembly just passed legislation requiring body cameras for all state police.

The dashboard camera in Officer Kevin Piner's patrol car captured more than 46 minutes of relevant footage from a two-hour recording, Wilmington Police Chief Donny Williams said Wednesday.

Three North Carolina police officers were fired from their jobs this week after investigators found incredibly racist, troubling conversations, and threats of violence accidentally recorded by the cops' own dashboard camera.

In 2019, researchers who published a meta-analysis of 70 studies on police body-worn cameras found that DC was not alone, and cameras did not have "a consistent or significant effect" on officer behavior or complaints overall.