See the future of online shopping. It looks nothing like Amazon

published 25.06.2020 08:00

Thanks to the coronavirus, buyers from department stores and boutiques couldn’t visit the brand’s physical showroom in Milan to explore the brand’s Spring/Summer 2021 collection and place orders.

Buyers can scan through the brand’s entire Spring/Summer 2021 collection, get a 360-degree look at each garment, inspect textures close-up, and even look at tags that convey useful information, such as price and a garment’s composition.

So the brand’s leadership quickly came up with a new plan: They partnered with the consultancy Accenture to design an immersive virtual showroom that looks very similar to the real thing, where people can saunter around mask-free, without worrying about social distancing.

But the Italian denim brand Diesel offers a tantalizing alternative: a digital showroom that takes online shopping to a new level, incorporating some of the best parts of physical retail.

Three decades later, most brands—from major department stores like Nordstrom to newer brands like Everlane—feature rows upon rows of garments, which the consumer must scour by filtering through categories.