The $2.6B Escobar vs. Apple lawsuit — here’s what the experts have to say

published 25.06.2020 12:02

by Callum Booth from

We’ve already covered Escobar denying Apple’s request for a 30 day extension of this case, and Perry told me that the company is in a “tricky spot.”

Now we come to crux of the matter: does Roberto Escobar have any chance of winning this case against Apple?

Finally, the third cause of action in the Escobar vs. Apple lawsuit is Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress, something Tomaschek calls “particularly rich.”

The first part of the lawsuit — the Breach of Contract section — covers Escobar being sold a device that an Apple reseller assured him couldn’t “be exploited” and wouldn’t be “vulnerable to future exploits,” something that eventually happened.

Escobar vs. Apple: what the experts think To summarize, the Escobar vs. Apple case revolves around a FaceTime security issue in Roberto’s iPhone X.