Crystal Dynamics shows off fresh Marvel's Avengers gameplay in latest livestream

published 24.06.2020 23:15

by Matt Wales from

Avengers is due to release on Xbox One, PS4, and PC on 4th September, and Crystal Dynamics says to expect new heroes, new regions, and new stories post-launch, "all at no additional cost".

Manage cookie Dynamics also took a moment to highlight that players gain access to special team finisher moves during co-op play, enabling enemies to be defeated faster once their stun meters are maxed out.

Cores skill can be augmented by unlocking new moves, and a wide range of melee, ranged, aerial, and ground combat skills means its supposedly possible to create personalised heroes that will feel very different between players.

Crystal Dynamics says each Hero Mission, as single-player campaign missions are known, is intended to showcase the studio's varied hero designs, with each Avenger sporting their own unique move set.

Manage cookie settings With the basic set-up more firmly established, Crystal Dynamics then opted to reveal a few additional gameplay sequences, split between Avengers' single-player story campaign and its co-operative multiplayer War Zones mode.