Slack announces Slack Connect, its attempt to replace email across businesses

published 25.06.2020 00:37

by Napier Lopez from
Image of article 'Slack announces Slack Connect, its attempt to replace email across businesses'

On the surface, the idea appears pretty simple: Slack Connect allows up to 20 organizations to communicate via Slack channels.

Slack says it’s had to rehash its infrastructure to allow every organization to be able to meet its particular standards while enabling seamless communications with others.

The company is also working on linking calendars between organizations; upcoming Outlook and Google Calendar integrations will allow Slack to scan calendars across companies and suggest available meeting times.

Slack says it’s been testing the feature in a wider beta with over a million users the past several months, with everything from government agencies and to conversations around its own funding rounds.

Aside from the obvious speed benefits of communicating via the app, the company notes that its platform heightens security on a basic level: 90 percent of data breach comes from phishing attacks, according to Slack.