TikTok joins EU code of conduct on hate speech

added 26.06.2020 03:31

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That law was widely seen as a potential model for the EU’s Digital Services Act that once passed could become a widely followed example for regulating big tech worldwide.

In their campaign to dissuade the EU from stricter rules, big tech companies were comforted when a new hate speech law in France was struck down in court last week for violating free speech.

The tech giants are eager to demonstrate the success of the code of conduct as they fear far more direct oversight by Brussels on the everyday operations of their platforms.

Facebook, Twitter and Google helped create the code of conduct in 2016 in which companies pledge to swiftly assess, flag and remove hate speech and other illegal content from their platforms.

SAN FRANCISCO, June 23 — The social media phenomenon TikTok joined the EU’s code of conduct yesterday as tech giants seek to persuade Europe to back away from setting laws against hate speech and disinformation.