Ikea imagines home life post-COVID-19, and it’s wild

published 25.06.2020 10:00

Hosted on a new website, the project includes 18 avant-garde ideas, created by several design firms, that explore the question, “How will tomorrow’s technologies redefine the way we live at home?”

Instead, Ikea is noting the moment of change in our lives to introduce some interesting and even zany ideas.

In Optical Soundsystem, the design studio ManvsMachine suggests that augmented reality could visualize the sound coming out of Ikea speakers.

A prototype called Room Shuffle, by Bakken & Bæck , can use a camera to scan a corner of your room, then use algorithms to responsively fill it with a comfortable mix of Ikea furniture, like chairs, lamps, and couches.

That said, Ikea is making another statement: that it’s not content with the status quo of home design.