Reverie eyes big boost from local translation services with Reliance products

published 24.06.2020 21:34

by Anandi Chandrashekhar from

Foreign language services companies looking to tap the Indian market will be another driver of growth, according to Pani.

Pani said the language translation services market in India will grow at 30-35% year-on-year.

“Whatever Reliance is doing -- whether it is on phones, set top boxes, any (digital) services -- language will have an important play… Our intent is that the user base that Reliance has, or any business they are doing in the digital space, will open doors for us to deploy our language capabilities,” Pani told ET in an exclusive interview.

According to co-founder and CEO Arvind Pani, Reliance’s current digital strategy targets the same set of audiences as Reverie, which makes software solutions for Indian language services.

MUMBAI: Reliance Industries-owned Reverie Language Technologies is targeting a significant chunk of the $500 million translation services market in the coming year by embedding its products in upcoming Jio devices and Reliance products, its top executive told ET.