How to Help a Colleague Who’s Been Laid Off

published 25.06.2020 14:25

by Dorie Clark from

You want to be helpful, and to steer clear of rubbing salt in their wounds or saying the wrong thing.

“And if it’s helpful, I’d be glad to strategize about your LinkedIn profile or do a mock job interview with you — just say the word.”

They may not have come up with those suggestions on their own (especially in the early days of a layoff, it’s hard to envision what the future holds), but job hunters will often appreciate them as their search progresses.

It can also be useful to encourage them to reflect on what they would need from a new job to show their best self at work, and help them think through their options based on a set of objective criteria.

But it’s also important to guard against becoming overly invested in their job search, to the point of making it the exclusive focus of your relationship.