Dirt 5 Launches October 9 for Xbox One

published 25.06.2020 02:00

by from news.xbox.com
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Over the coming months we’ll reveal more on multiplayer, split-screen, car classes, truly extreme events, livery editor, photo mode and a brand new feature for Dirt, never before seen in the franchise.

Make sure to check out our latest Dirt 5 video, where Baker, North, Donut Media and our Dialogue Producer Olly Johnson reveal all on the story, and the free-form recording style that brings the narrative to life.

Dirt 5’s Career is driven by a story and an audio-based narrative, starring none other than Troy Baker and Nolan North.

Leveraging the power of the console through incredible graphical fidelity and further optimized performance – including a 120fps mode – Dirt 5 on Xbox Series X is set to blow… your… mind.

Since the reveal of Dirt 5 during May’s Inside Xbox show, it’s been amazing to see the Xbox community’s reaction to the return of the amplified, wilder side of the Dirt franchise, which takes you across the globe in an array of off-road machines, tackling extreme terrain in incredible locations.