Is Data Privacy A Privilege? The Racial Implications Of Technology Based Tools In Government

added 25.06.2020 21:27

In the criminal justice system, how do we know that courts and governments are devoting an adequate amount of resources to secure records and the data of individuals in prison or court?

Moving forward, how do we address race and inequity issues surrounding data privacy and hold our governments accountable?

Large portions of budgets are spent on prosecutorial tools, and it seems as though racial biases prevent governments from devoting monetary resources to protect minorities’ data and privacy as they move through the criminal justice system.

The complex, confusing and lengthy nature of privacy policies not only requires some familiarity with data privacy and what the government and companies do with data, but also the time, energy and resources to read through the entirety of the document.

We also need to implement better education in schools regarding the importance of data privacy and what governments and companies do with our personal identifying information.