Here’s why the coronavirus makes us lose our sense of smell

published 25.06.2020 03:13

by Chris Smith from

Image source: Harvard “Now that we have CT scans of the noses and sinuses of people with COVID-19 smell loss, we can see that the part of the nose that does the smelling, the olfactory cleft, is blocked with swollen soft tissue and mucus – known as a cleft syndrome.

They looked at the genes of the cells and found that the virus doesn’t actually bind to the neurons that can sense smell.

Researchers from Harvard published a study back in March that explains how the virus infects cells in the olfactory epithelium inside the nose.

Doctors noticed in the first months of the pandemic that some COVID-19 patients complain of a sudden loss of smell and taste, and it became clear that the virus was responsible.

“We expect that these support cells are likely to be the ones that are damaged by the virus, and the immune response would cause swelling of the area but leave the olfactory neurons intact,” they said.