Former Intel engineer says Skylake problems were turning point for Apple’s ARM Mac transition

published 25.06.2020 03:35

by Filipe Espósito from

Apple first used Skylake processors with the 2015 iMac, and then the company also launched 2016 MacBook and MacBook Pro models with the same processor architecture.

The report states that Intel’s Skylake processors had several problems at the time, and that Apple was the client with the highest number of complaints about the architecture.

François Piednoël, a former Intel engineer, told PCGamer that Apple has become unsatisfied with Intel processors since the introduction of the Skylake architecture in 2015.

Apple announced this week its plans to switch from Intel processors to ARM chips on the Mac, which the company calls “Apple Silicon Mac.”

Even so, while the transition is not finished, Apple says the company plans to launch new Mac models with Intel processors.