Netflix finally understands you’ll never continue watching some of the movies and shows you started

published 24.06.2020 12:50

by Chris Smith from

The Netflix Continue Watching list is getting the feature you’ve always wanted, the ability to edit the list and remove the shows you don’t plan on revisiting.

But Netflix will keep remembering that you haven’t finished it, and the title will still stick around in that Continue Watching menu that lets you quickly resume playback of the titles you never finished.

The problem with Netflix’s continue watching row is that the company doesn’t let you eliminate titles from the list.

It’s as if Netflix doesn’t want to understand that you’ll never continue watching some of the films and TV shows in that list Then again, Netflix only needs two minutes of your time to count your household as having seen a title.

Screenshot from Netflix app for Android shows a new menu item that lets users edit the Continue Watching section.