Report: Apple antitrust probe in the US imminent, focused on ‘ironclad’ App Store control

published 24.06.2020 17:13

Hey CEO, Jason Fried also highlighted that Congressman Cicilline — the House antitrust committee chair — recently said in an interview that Apple’s 30% cut of App Store sales is “highway robbery.”

Another chapter in the antitrust allegations against Apple unfolded last week just ahead of WWDC with the Hey email app being initially rejected by the App Store and then the App Store Review Board/Phil Schiller.

The sources say that the Apple antitrust probe discussions in the US happened as recently as last week and notably come after two new antitrust cases into Apple started in Europe at the same time over the App Store and Apple Pay.

Now an official antitrust probe from the DOJ and multiple states appears imminent to investigate Apple’s “ironclad control of the App Store.”

In the meantime, as noted by my colleague Ben Lovejoy, announced at WWDC this week, Apple is quietly taking steps to reduce its antitrust liability like opening up its platforms, introducing some changes to its App Store policies, and giving more choice to users.