How Trump's Ban on Work Visas Could Hurt the Economy

added 25.06.2020 09:07

by Diana Ransom from
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The White House estimates this temporary cessation of certain work visas and green cards will open up 500,000 jobs for U.S. workers.

However, since holders must reapply for the H-1B visa every three years--and every time they switch jobs--Medina thinks the changes to the visa system will have a dampening effect on hiring.

I'm the founder and I fill out the [immigration] forms physically myself," says Hartsock, who notes that this order puts five of her employees' positions in jeopardy; four are in the process of getting H-1B visas while the fifth is trying to get a green card.

Like many technology businesses, Hartsock's company relies on the H-1B visa program to help fill software engineering roles, among other difficult-to-fill positions.

While the proclamation affects only visa holders and applicants who are currently outside the country, business owners say the changes exacerbate an already challenging labor market and further weaken companies hobbled by the effects of the pandemic.