Cape Privacy launches security-conscious collaboration platform for data science

published 24.06.2020 14:00

by Kyle Wiggers from
Image of article 'Cape Privacy launches security-conscious collaboration platform for data science'

Cape, which was founded in 2018 by GoInstant cofounder and CTO Gavin Uhma (Salesforce acquired GoInstant in 2012), aims to help enterprises securely maximize the value of data with a collaboration layer built atop privacy, machine learning, and cryptography technologies.

Using homomorphic encryption, a “cryptonet” can perform computation on data and return the encrypted result back to a client, which can then use the encryption key — which is never shared publicly — to decrypt the returned data and get the actual result.

In other words, secure machine learning preserves the privacy of sensitive data … Hospitals could start to take advantage of cloud-based AI while managing the complexity of data privacy regulations and the natural sensitivity of health care data.

The data remains encrypted during the entire data science workflow, meaning machine learning models can be hosted in the cloud without decrypting the inputs or outputs of the query.

Cape’s open source software integrates with existing data science and machine learning infrastructure to provide a workflow guiding contributors toward building projects and policies.