Senators Launch Full On Nuclear War Against Encryption: Bill Will Require Broken Encryption, Putting Everyone At Risk

added 25.06.2020 00:07

The internet is not "lawless" and there's no indication of increased criminal activity, nor any evidence that law enforcement cannot solve crimes because of encryption or the internet.

On top of that, we've discussed how law enforcement and the FBI have access to so much other information thanks to social media, and various open source intelligence tools, that the idea that they need to attack encryption is just ridiculous.

This whole thing is so incredibly dangerous, and it's not even clear that encryption is a real problem for law enforcement.

That's now the rumor making the rounds, and I even received a press release from an anti-porn activist group supporting this bill because they think it will help clarify that EARN IT won't end encryption (none of that makes sense to me either, but...) The announcement of the bill includes all the usual "think of the children" nonsense, claiming that we can't have encryption because some bad people might use it for bad stuff.

This bill should be trashed and these three Senators (and the Attorney General) deserve mockery for a technically ignorant, totally clueless and dangerous bill that would harm Americans and destroy both privacy and security, because some law enforcement agencies are too lazy to do their jobs.