UK tries to lure the tech talent that Trump blocked from the US

published 24.06.2020 10:14

by Sam Shead from
Image of article 'UK tries to lure the tech talent that Trump blocked from the US'

Old Street roundabout, in the area known as London's Tech City The U.K. tech sector is trying to encourage entrepreneurs affected by President Donald Trump's immigration restrictions to move to the U.K. and start a company in a city like London.

"If you've been affected by the ridiculous decision to suspend H1-B in the US, take a look at the U.K. Global Talent Visa," wrote James Wise, a tech investor with Balderton Capital, on Twitter.

Wise claimed that the U.K. is a hub for global tech and that it has more developers and venture capital money than most of the East Coast.

His tweet, which has been retweeted and endorsed by other VCs, founders and policymakers, includes a link to the U.K. Tech Visa website.

Richard Howard, who works for Amazon Web Services in London, said the U.K. "should be absolutely taking the lead here" adding that "it should be an automatic welcome for anyone who qualified for H1-B or L." Some U.K. firms have already expressed an interest in hiring people affected by Trump's decision.