Google Says China And Iran Tried To Hack Biden And Trump's Campaigns

published 05.06.2020 07:00


Google has announced it has identified state-sponsored hacking attempts upon both Biden and Trump's campaign staff, originating from China and Iran respectively.

"Recently [Google's Threat Analysis Group] saw China APT group targeting Biden campaign staff & Iran APT targeting Trump campaign staff with phishing," Google's threat analysis director Shane Huntley tweeted on Thursday.

Both Biden and Trump's campaigns confirmed that they had been made aware of the recent phishing attacks.

A spokesperson for Biden's campaign stated it was prepared for such hacking attempts, having known they were likely to occur.

Huntley tweeted that the groups involved in the attacks on the Biden and Trump campaigns were China's APT31, also known as Zirconium, and Iran's APT35, also known as Newscaster Team.