Xbox Store Redesign Leaks, Videos Shows Super Responsive Navigation

published 04.06.2020 21:15

Image of article 'Xbox Store Redesign Leaks, Videos Shows Super Responsive Navigation'

Thankfully, it seems that’s about to change -- Microsoft is apparently working on a revamped store for the Xbox One and upcoming Xbox Series X, and an early, yet mostly-functional, version of the new app has leaked.

The new Xbox Store was first leaked by Twitter user @wincommunity in a series of screenshots, but shortly afterward noted Microsoft insider Brad Sams managed to get access to the full app running on PC in develop mode.

Aside from the responsiveness, the new store also has a whole new look, seemingly inspired by the Xbox PC app currently in testing.

One has to wonder – is this new Xbox Store perhaps a preview of what to expect from the Xbox Series X front end in terms of look and responsiveness?

No word currently on when Microsoft may launch this new Xbox Store, as it hasn’t even been offered to Xbox Insiders yet.