China, Iran, and Russia worked together to call out US hypocrisy on BLM protests

published 05.06.2020 05:55

Image of article 'China, Iran, and Russia worked together to call out US hypocrisy on BLM protests'

Government officials and state-controlled media in China, Iran, and Russia are working collectively to call out US hypocrisy on the way Washington handled the recent Black Lives Matter protests.

Retweets by Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Lijian Zhao comparing the Hong Kong and American protests Image: Graphika As Graphika points out, many Chinese officials are now using the US brutal crackdown on the BLM protests to justify their Hong Kong actions as the natural result of applying national security laws, similar to how the US has acted.

For example, Chinese media and officials have often resurfaced past US threats to impose economic sanctions for China's brutal police crackdown on the Hong Kong protesters, and are now comparing the two countries' responses side by side.

China As it was expected, in China, most of the messages posted by state officials and state-run media have been singular in focus, namely to discredit the US' past criticism of how China has handled the Hong Kong protests.

Over the past years, the US has publicly and aggressively criticized China for its police brutality during the Hong Kong protests, Iran for its brutal reprisals of recent anti-government protests in early 2020, and Russia for its crackdown on free press.