SnowRunner’s next update adds a new Russian map and multiple save slots

published 04.06.2020 22:46


Early on, a hotfix addressed some of the game’s most pressing issues on PC, and now that it’s had some more time, the development team is just about ready to release a big new update that adds a new map, new missions, and more bugfixes that will make your muddy, snowy truck time even more enjoyable.

The biggest addition in Patch 5.0, which comes out June 9, is the fourth map for the Russian Taymyr region.

It’s called Rift, and it includes its own set of new missions to take on in SnowRunner’s most challenging region.

The Rift map brings the Taymyr region up to four areas, in line with the game’s other two regions.

If you own a steering wheel controller, the patch adds in support for force feedback – that’s PC-only, mind you, support for steering wheel controllers on the console editions of SnowRunner is still in the works.