Facebook begins adding labels to state-controlled media Pages

published 05.06.2020 02:00

Image of article 'Facebook begins adding labels to state-controlled media Pages'

Facebook begins adding labels to state-controlled media has announced a new feature after saying that they would increase the transparency of the content shared by its users on the platform.

Today (4 June 2020 in US time), the social media giant said that they would begin labelling Pages of media websites that are reasons that people should be aware of the news they read and if the story comes from publications that are under the influence of a government.

Using the consultations and the research conducted by Facebook themselves, they will look at the following factors before indicating editorial content that might be controlled by a government, such as: The editorial website's mission statement and/or public reporting on how it accomplishes its journalistic mission The publisher's ownership structure The editorial guidelines around its transparency and diversity of sources The information around the newsroom's staff The sources of funding and its revenue Its accountability and governance mechanisms around corrections, complaints, and other similar procedures Of course, Pages of media websites that have been labelled as state-controlled (when they are not) can choose to appeal (via the URL here).

Facebook also added that they would label the advertisements taken on by state-controlled media in Summer 2020, which is less than a month away.

Source: Facebook, via TechCrunch