Adapting to Change: How Conversational AI Delivers Opportunities in an Uncertain World

published 05.06.2020 02:00


Nearly five years ago, the importance of conversational AI to businesses was already being predicted to be as critical to a company as its website in 2020.

We will look into some of the changes Covid-19 has wrought and how business can use conversational AI to stand out.

How Businesses use Conversational AI to Differentiate Conversational AI allows businesses to transform customer and employee touchpoints into fast, meaningful, rich interactions.

Wanting to embrace new communication channels, Italy’s premier online bank took the investment they already had in a web-based conversational AI application and used it as the central communication tool in its virtual reality banking app.

Companies already using CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service) technology to embed voice, chat and video capabilities into customer-facing applications can seamlessly incorporate conversational AI and maximize the benefit of existing integrations.