A Twitter user was suspended for 'glorifying violence' after posting exactly what Trump tweets

published 04.06.2020 19:31


A Twitter user recently started an account, @SuspendThePres, where he tweets word for word what President Donald Trump posts in an "experiment" to see how long it would take Twitter to suspend his account.

A Twitter user recently launched an experiment to see what action the platform would take if he started posting Donald Trump's controversial tweets word for word.

The account, @SuspendThePres, launched May 29 and started to post tweets identical to those sent on Trump's Twitter.

While Twitter gave Trump a slap on the wrist, @SuspendThePres received a 12-hour suspension for the same tweet, which demonstrated the discrepancies in how the platform's policies are applied to politicians and high-profile figures versus average users.

Twitter took unprecedented action against Trump's account just last month when it fact-checked two of his tweets containing false claims about voting by mail.