Johns Hopkins Covid-19 Data and R, Part II, data.table functions and graphics, plus R-Naught.

added 05.06.2020 07:07


Summary: This blog is part II of a series showcasing management and analytics of the daily U.S. Covid-19 case/death data published by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering at Johns Hopkins University.

A new column is added each day holding the cumulative counts for each geography.

The data munging revolves on pivoting or melting the data into R data.tables and computing daily counts as differences of successive cumulative records.

I manage around the data problems by generally avoiding counts for specific state geographies and days, working instead at the state level with moving averages.

The R data.table, tidyverse, pryr, plyr, fst, and knitr packages are featured, as well as functions from my personal stash, detailed below.