Co-operative cuisine-'em-up Overcooked is free on the Epic Store

published 04.06.2020 21:34


Co-operative cuisine-'em-up Overcooked is free on the developer Ghost Town Games's chaotic, co-op-focussed cook-'em-up, is currently free on the Epic Games Store.

Released in 2016, Overcooked is a fun, family friendly multiplayer escapade, in principle, at least; it's got a bold, appealingly cartoony art-style, and a simple premise that pretty much anyone can wrap their head around, regardless of prior gaming experience.

The goal - which can be tackled by up to four players simultaneously in couch co-op - is to work together and coordinate your culinary actions to fulfil a succession of increasingly brisk and varied food orders from chronically impatient customers.

And it's here that Overcooked's reputation as a bit of a home-wrecker is earned, its increasingly frantic slapstick kitchen action - genuinely hilarious until someone starts to take things a little too seriously - rapidly testing relationships as it devolves into a chaos of harried miscommunication, raised voices, and ever-more-creative insults.

Those looking for a spot of knockabout multiplayer action - or to inadvertently drive a permanent wedge between themselves and their loved ones - can add Overcooked to their Epic Games Store library for free right now until next Thursday, 11th June.