How To Install Discourse Forum on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

added 05.06.2020 05:43

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UTF-8 -e RAILS_ENV=production -e UNICORN_WORKERS=4 -e UNICORN_SIDEKIQS=1 -e -e -e RUBY_GC_HEAP_INIT_SLOTS=400000 -e -e -e DISCOURSE_DB_HOST= -e DISCOURSE_DB_PORT= -e -e -e [email protected] -e -e DISCOURSE_SMTP_PORT=587 -e [email protected] -e -e [email protected] -h ubuntu2004-app -e DOCKER_HOST_IP= --name app -t -p 80:80 -p 443:443 -v -v --mac-address 02:43:15:82:15:a7 local_discourse/app above setup script will generate a configuration file called app.yml inside discourse/containers directory.

Hostname : Email : [email protected] SMTP address : SMTP port : 587 SMTP username : [email protected] SMTP password : asdfgsd Let's Encrypt : [email protected] ENTER to continue, 'n' to try again, Ctrl+C to exit: Press Enter to start the installation.

You will be asked to provide an email address for admin account, SMTP server, SMTP username, SMTP password and email address for Let's Encrypt as shown below: Checking your domain name . . . Connection to succeeded.

Install and Configure Discourse Now, change the directory to /opt/discourse and run the Discourse setup script using the following command: cd will be asked to provide the hostname of your system as shown below: Ports 80 and 443 are free for use 'samples/standalone.

You should see the following page: You should receive an email to activate your you have successfully installed Discourse forum with Docker on Ubuntu 20.04 server.