Huawei’s new phone can take your temperature because coronavirus

published 05.06.2020 01:39

Image of article 'Huawei’s new phone can take your temperature because coronavirus'

To use the temperature sensor, you open up the app and apply the phone directly to your forehead, as shown in this Weibo video.

window.jwLibrary = "97Rh6ARO"; Considering the prevalence of IR sensors in cameras already (FaceID or the OnePlus 8 Pro’s IR camera come to mind), it’s perhaps not much of a surprise to see Huawei repurposing one for taking temperatures.

In fact, the IR camera isn’t even labeled on the phone, which makes me wonder if it was a last-minute feature that was repurposed in the wake of the pandemic.

Temperature sensor aside, it’s the usual Honor phone with almost-flagship specs that fall a bit short to keep the price down.

In any case, with more phones adding IR cameras by the year, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a similar feature show up on more devices in the future.